Legal Boundary
The practice of cadastral surveying as defined by the Surveyors Act
means "…the advising on, reporting on, conducting or supervising the conduction of surveys to establish, locate, define or describe lines, boundaries or corners of parcels of land or land covered with water".

Cadastral surveys can only be performed by an
Ontario Land Surveyor.

Some types of cadastral surveys include:

    • Legal Boundary Surveys
    • Condominium Surveys
    • Plans of Survey
    • Topographical Surveys
    • Government Surveys
    • Surveyor's Real Property Reports
    • Township Retracement Surveys
    • Expropriation Surveys
    • Boundary Act Surveys
    • Subdivision Surveys
    • Area Certification
    • Construction Layout Surveys
    • Airport Surveys

Airport Surveys
Schaeffer Dzaldov Bennett Ltd., has done extensive work on the airports in the Greater Toronto Area including:

    • The legal boundary plans for the new Pickering Airport
    • Topographical plans for the Toronto Island Airport
    • Construction layouts for the runways, de-icing facility and
       tunnel at Lester B. Pearson International Airport
    • Terminal 2 at Lester B. Pearson International Airport