Land Development Surveys
Schaeffer Dzaldov Bennett Ltd., is a leader in the land development industry for the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding regions. Our seven Ontario Land Surveyors and other senior staff lead a team of skilled professionals. From 6 Lot Plans of subdivisions to 2000+ lot, multi developer subdivisions, our firm has been at the forefront of the land development Industry for over 50 years and continues to thrive in that area. In fact, we are currently the lead or exclusive survey firm for a number of multiple owner Blocks in the GTA .

A wide variety of Condominium Projects currently under way include 1000ís of condominium units ranging from simple and small common element projects to multiple building mixed-use complex standard condominiums.

    • Condominiums
    • Subdivisions
    • Reference Plans
    • Topographical Surveys

Schaeffer Dzaldov Bennett Ltd., has the knowledge and experience to assist with all types of condominium projects, and is fully versed in the Condominium Act. There are 5 kinds of Condominiums: Standard Condominium, Phased Condominium, Common Element Condominium, Vacant Land Condominium, Leasehold Condominium.

Here are some examples of projects Schaeffer Dzaldov Bennett Ltd., has done:.

    • Industrial Condominiums
    • Renovation Condominiums
    • Townhouse Condominiums
    • High-rise Condominiums
    • Office and Mixed-Use Condominiums
    • Condominium Conversion from Co-op or Rental