Government Surveys
At Schaeffer Dzaldov Bennett Ltd., we pride ourselves on work for departments and agencies at all levels of government. With a wide range of projects, we are capable of satisfying the survey needs of any government agency and we look forward to many challenging new projects in the future.

Some types of Government Surveys include:

    • Legal Boundary Surveys
    • Geographic Information Systems
    • Geodetic Control Surveys
    • Route Surveys
    • Federal Government Work
    • Reference Plans
    • Expropriation Surveys

Geographic Information Systems
A G.I.S. is a large database of geo-referenced plans and other information that is the basis of many government and private systems such as the 911 emergency response systems.

We have been involved in large parcel-mapping projects including:
    • Town of Markham
    • Teranet/Polaris
    • Manatee County (Florida)
    • Spartanburg County (South Carolina)
    • Indian Affairs

As well, title record plan databases have been created
for the following:
    • Metropolitan Toronto easement re-registration
    • Ontario Realty Corporation's Highway 407 land management
    • Toronto and Regional Conservation Authority's
       waterfront projects
    • Completed a pilot project for the City of Etobicoke's
       manhole inventory
    • Obtained centerline information using mobile GPS to create
       index mapping for the Ministry of Health's emergency 911
       system in the Hamilton/Niagara area